The website of the New Zealand campaign

to rapidly rid the world of

nuclear weapons

Run independently by Murray Richard Tingey  ... called Richard

 and supported by others, Levin, New Zealand, Oceania.

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"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience

and should act towards one another in

a spirit of brotherhood."

Universal Declaration

of Human Rights

Article 1

Hiroshima and Nagasaki's atomic weapons blasts of 6th and 9th August 1945 caused survivors' terrible suffering

from radiation sickness, decades of radiation induced cancer, birth defects, severe burn disfigurements

and injected glass spikes located too deep to remove safely. Immediate deaths were 80,000 in

Hiroshima and 40,000 in Nagasaki. December 1945's toll was about 120,000 and 80,000

respectively. "Never again" is  clearly the only humane response.

Targeting civilians with nuclear weapons is illegal

 under UN based international law and

the Geneva Conventions.



The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament of New Zealand

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*****  Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration 2 August 2015

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A.   Introduction  (of A to H)

1. CNDNZ is a new initiative for development towards an organisation with membership and an executive. It's presently run by Murray Richard Tingey (called Richard) in Levin, that's situated on the lower west coast of New Zealand's North Island.

We're continually led to understand that the ordinary folk of the world must follow what the so called, more intelligent leaders maintain is good and right. For instance, USA President Barack Obama, before being elected, thrillingly, had the world believe, that he would continually campaign strongly to rid the world of nuclear weapons. His earliest campaign posters used the O of Obama for an international Peace Symbol. He later gave a stirring speech at Prague, in the Czech Republic, about how he was committed to ridding the world of nuclear weapons. "Yes, we can", he said to applause.

2. He soon after received the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet, as admirable as his peace and nuclear weapons abolition hope is, we still have sixteen thousand nuclear weapons poised at the ready on Saturday 4 April 2015, as I write this. (address below showing OBAMA peace symbols in the O of Obama) ----- Kindly please click the link below  ......

3. What's needed is an ever accelerating, global peoples' movement that exposes the sick logic and immorality of nuclear weapons, for their fast abolition. It's totally inhuman to threaten large city populations with mass murder and shocking injuries. There's an added cruel insinuation that nuclear weapons humanely kill the majority instantly, by immediate vapourization. Thousands of survivors would be covered in glass spikes from pulverized windows, as happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but far more so with today's nuclear weapons above canyons of city glass.

4. This abolition task is based on the global human family being united in the love of motherhood and fatherhood to nurture a new generation.

5. How then has this powerful fact of our existence been so repressed? For sixty nine years, nuclear weapons have been assumed to be legally alight to use, if necessary, even though they're biological and chemical weapons, as well as huge heat and blast generating devices. They're a kind of biological weapon which cause cancer and birth defects from chromosome damage. Black rain fall-out occurs immediately after a nuclear explosion and is why they're also definitely chemical weapons.

The first casualty, when war comes, is often said to be the respect and practice of telling the truth. The second such casualty, is the use of clear language, to talk straight and plainly, without ambiguity, duplicity and evasiveness. For instance, in the deceptive virtual state of WW3. It exists with nuclear weapons ready to be launched, in assumed retaliation, at peaceful, innocent, city folk, within minutes of a warning of possible attack. Yet they're admired by the nuclear weapons nations as if promoting world peace and harmony. These illegal horror devices are clothed, like the proverbial wolf in a sheep skin, with descriptions of the beneficial nuclear umbrella to shelter under and the admirable deterrent.

USA had a nuclear missile called the LGM-118 Peacekeeper with up to 10 independently targetable re-entry vehicles. to instantly vapourize city folk by the millions. What sort of peace is that? This sort of global situation exists with all of the nuclear weapons nations distorting and perverting the meaning of peace. It's like a school ground fight where a teacher must find who started the violence. Who then started the nuclear arms horror of today? Can this be the way to immediately halt the deployment of nuclear weapons, on hair trigger alert, launch-on-warning status, with firing button brief cases continually within a few metres of presidents? 

We've grown to tolerate these  intolerable nuclear weapons. It's now time to see them for what they are. They're absolutely inhuman and by definition, illegal, by existing biological and chemical weapons treaties'. Yet, when pressed to be specific, all the nuclear weapons nations agree that the object of their deployment is merely to deter and  frighten off potential extreme aggressors against their nation, as  barking watch dogs do at a private residential gate. The future wellbeing of the world is at stake and not just a city suburban residence's security.

The sick irony is that nuclear weapons nations never want to launch a nuclear weapons attack, whether as a first strike or secondary response to one. It would show failure of deterrence, they say. They actually want to both, maintain that they are not alright to use but, must be kept at the ready as a scare tactic.  A child would say they're nuts or insane with that stance and they'd be right, so let's hear it more from children. Perhaps the nuclear weapons administrators will then come to their better senses and rapidly ban these horrible stains on our fabric of civilization. Nuclear weapons and humanity can never co-exist in harmony. The sooner that the former is removed for ever, the better.

6. The huge, Soviet Union AN602 50 megaton, Tsar Bomba hydrogen bomb blast of 30 October 1961 was just a massive blast of heat, light and radioactive fallout. Compared to the spectacular workings of each one of our creative brains, it was insignificant. This must be widely realized for nuclear weapons' abolition progress.  Our brain powers are far more powerful than that blast, even though it took clever scientists' advanced brain power to create the blast. Nevertheless, it was an uncreative event apart from the useless bright flash, mushroom cloud, rock turned to glass, poisonous radioactive fallout, a shock wave that went over 1000 kilometres and seismic wave that travelled around the earth three times. The conception, gestation, birth and raising of a child to adulthood is a far more creative and spectacular process than a mere destructive nuclear blast. Moreover, with creative intelligence, human brainpower can easily have nuclear weapons abolished for ever and replaced with places on earth of continuous international friendship. Our creative brain power can travel the globe via the internet.

7. A thorough global peoples' movement, to succeed in banning nuclear weapons, must centre on why they've lingered in this criminal illegality for sixty nine years and seven months.

8. It's happened from a group of human weakness that must be realised and taken advantage of, for launching the global ban. It's from a rock solid, time tested base, instead of like trying to push a launch while in a rowboat. We know which will move. Misguided human nature tendencies are keeping nuclear weapons deployed. These, hidden, deceptive and misleading emotional aspects need to be understood, for a rapid abolition of nuclear weapons to succeed.


B.    Ten Human Weaknesses That Help Retain Nuclear Weapons

[1] Speaking up If we don't say that we absolutely oppose nuclear weapons, politicians may assume that we're grateful for them. The term, "being sheltered under USA or Russia's nuclear umbrella" is deceptively wrong. It would make such a city a target rather than not. 

[2] Demanding Abolition Now Without realizing it, our anti nuclear weapons protests and analysis of their evil, can be taken up by the nuclear weapons nations as a benefit to them. Our minority voice about nuclear weapons horrors, adds to their scare tactics which they use as a so-called deterrent. We must therefore be demanding, at every point of the way, to have nuclear weapons immediately banned. Anything else is totally unreasonable because they're the epitome of inhumanity. 

[3] Popular Fantasy Preferred To Realism People often assume that when few are protesting over nuclear weapons,  they now must be safe enough to ignore. Also, those who do still protest are seen, frequently, as if oddities or eccentrics. Most people have a tendency to be wishful thinkers rather than realists. We don't like to accept that New Zealand is a very shaky country and that  Wellington has a visible recent geological history of force 8 and 9 shakes. This is also shown by the way the assumed magical nature of Christianity's Jesus is still upheld by many churches in New Zealand, in contrast to our science based dairy industry. Professor Lloyd Geering was even expelled from the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand's ruling section, for upholding logical views over the death of Jesus Christ and that Jesus didn't magically rise into space and sit on the right hand side of God.  Professor Geering was considered a heretic for suggesting that the bones of the historical Jesus Christ were probably in the area known as Palestine. His mathematical professorship and logical, reasoned approach were sadly seen as threats to the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.

We, therefore, should realize that fantasy dwelling is currently still common in New Zealand. Not surprisingly, the false notion is also widely held that nuclear weapons keep us safe and deserve to be admired as humankind's greatest achievement. This sentiment is as wrong now, as when President Harry Truman mentioned it after the evil atomic bombing of Hiroshima. These, now much smaller, currently deployed weapons, are twenty times more powerful, but such a development is disgusting. "We must remember our humanity and forget the rest" (Bertrand Russell")

[4] Nuclear Weapons Are Aimed At Cities, Not Barren Deserts People can more easily follow the crowd, as if sheep, rather than be different and campaign on unpopular, logical, noble issues, like banning nuclear weapons. We can amazingly feel more comfortable by denying awful realities. For instance, the Wellington City Council removed a sign near the Wellington Airport that had the unmistakable "ban the bomb" International Peace Symbol. It was replaced with one showing a typical nuclear age atom symbol, as if to suggest that Wellington is advanced in nuclear matters and beyond assumed childish games, like trying to ban nuclear weapons. 

Globally deployed nuclear weapons would cause terrible injuries, like masses of glass spikes deeply embedded in survivors, but this is assumed to be denied, as if not worth contemplating, by Wellington's majority of residents. A poll of Wellingtonians would possibly show the opposite. It's ordinary people that these weapons depend on to potentially kill by the millions, should a third city be hit. Yet, in the face of this avoidable reality, intended recipients of instant vapourisation worldwide, are as if appreciative of this threat. It's planet earth's major anomaly that the most intelligent life form acts so stupidly, in mass, in this way without constant strong protest. Nuclear weapons can be abolished, unlike asteroids, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. Yet the response by most people, at present, is that nuclear weapons are as uncontrollable as those natural events. We must get real and act rationally and promptly to abolish nuclear weapons by a robust UN Treaty.

[5] Worst Acts of Human Race Hidden The Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were wicked war crimes. President Harry S.Truman, with a name that might suggest dignity, was wrong in his description of their droppings as the greatest achievement of the human race. It was the worst. Japan had appealed for surrender for months to no avail. The war was prolonged to allow full development and testing of the atomic bomb. The two dropped atomic bombs were shocking, huge, medical experiments to test a uranium and a plutonium bomb on city populations. With the droppings, there were then the observations of the survivors and study of the dead, by the victors.

The bombs caused such a sudden massive pressure reduction in the immediate drop zone that the tiny amount of air behind peoples' eyeballs there, expanded causing them to pop right out of their sockets and rest on their cheeks, while tethered by blood vessels. However, it was about seven years before USA officially admitted that the increase in certain cancer rates was caused by the atomic bombs. They even banned photos of the horrors suffered by the Japanese people until years later too. It was assumed to be better than upsetting the normalising populations further. Glass spike injuries were common. Glass blobs are still found in the cremation remains of recently deceased Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb victims. This chilling fact alone, should be enough for a common peoples' globally successful drive to abolish atomic bombs. Cities now have long canyons of glass.

[6] Blinded Possum Syndrome  Regardless of the known horrors and obligations, under the Geneva Conventions, the superpowers insanely and criminally pressed on with further development and testing of nuclear weapons until we have the horrible present situation of a world as if on a tightrope. Thousands of nuclear weapons are ready to be launched from brief-case buttons near presidents, at all times, within minutes. However, they've access to atom bomb shelters. Oh yes and what about the general public who the evil wickedry is aimed at and depend upon to potentially kill by the millions? Nuclear weapons are morbidly assumed to be a normal part of modern living. What a monumental outrage.

They must be immediately banned for ever. Humanity is at its darkest on this count. Where is the public outrage? Where is the clogging of phone lines to Parliaments?

Where are the childrens' art displays demanding that adults stop acting like blinded possums who "freeze", motionless, in car headlights? Where are the full page newspaper advertisements from anti nuclear weapons groups?  We each need to set a target date for banning nuclear weapons that's six months ahead and work towards it.  Let's say why our's is a realistic date. Our imaginations will soon find reasons. We have the internet and supercomputers. It's time that the human race analysed it's nuclear weapons acceptance irrationality and reacted with wisdom and intelligence, free from animal instinct, "ostrich head in the sand" or, "possum in the headlights",  stupidity.

[7] 2015 Year Of The Sheep Lesson As intelligent human beings, we still harbour lingering animal-like instincts that relate to safety in a wild animal infested area. This is most clearly seen in a large mob of sheep in a paddock where, if one is separated, it races around the paddock in terror and extreme fear but, is instantly completely calm when back in the mob. This instinct originates with how a fox, wolf or leopard would go after a lone sheep that is maybe blind or confused with a brain disease. Humans, often seem to feel safer in a group, but in fear, if not. Yet a group is not automatically always right and an individual can sometimes be correct, with a thousand or more wrong. Sheep can calmly follow each other over a cliff to their death, whereas, a lone sheep might decide to run the other way and live. We now have the benefit of widespread scientific knowledge. Philosopher  Bertrand Russell was considered a crank, eccentric or crackpot, by many, for his bold stand against nuclear weapons and for siding with Professor Albert Einstein to issue the  Russell Einstein Manifesto of 9 July 1955.

Ellie Wiesel tells of an incident in "Night" where an elderly, earlier transported Jew, tries to warn fellow 1941 Hungarian Jews of impending, hidden, genocide danger. He told Jewish townspeople, in the main street, of his nearly dying in a Nazi extermination incident, but none would believe him. He had slowly travelled back to warn them, even with a bad leg injury.  They considered him mad and that Nazis were gentlemen, who would never stoop to such barbarity.

Likewise, we've warnings, about the threat of nuclear war and human beings' possible  extinction, from Dr. Steven Starr, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. David Krieger of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation  and from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist's Doomsday Clock that's  now set at 11:57 PM.

[8] The Roman Catholic Church's Social Justice Advice Should Not Be Often Rejected As Tainted With Superstition Its Holy See advice on nuclear weapons abolition, of 8 December 2014, is clear and accurate. "A Time For Abolition."

[9] We must dispose of our temporary eggshell-like social justice peace campaigns upon success.   Organisations that exist to campaign against nuclear weapons are like a chicken's egg shell or scaffolding on a new building which is removed when it's built. They must not become self perpetuating but self removing after success. The social enjoyment of belonging to such groups must not weaken the determined effort to succeed, which will require the organisation to look for a new name and goal, after success.

[10] The weakness of it being easier to accept a massive popular myth than to personally investigate and reject it for the truth. The notion of nuclear deterrence, that's used by the nuclear weapons states to justify their nuclear weapons deployment, is nonsense. It's a stupid, childish game of "chicken" or bluff.  Nobody wants nuclear war. Alternatively, global, mutual removal of all nuclear weapons from deployment and their stocks locked for dismantling, would make deterrence obsolete and unnecessary. USA use the deterrence excuse as the only user of nuclear weapons to intentionally kill hundreds and thousands of city folk. That's utterly illegal. It's against the first principle of the Geneva Conventions. That is, to not target civilians. The USA is thus especially acutely aware of the civilian death and destruction that nuclear weapons can cause, in absolute violation of the Geneva Conventions, of which all nations are a part. All nuclear weapons nations don't want such to visit them either. Abolition of all nuclear weapons is the logical solution. Google, nuclear weapons are illegal now for the lcnp pdf, plus their website 

A similar lawyer's group, who claim that nuclear weapons are illegal now, is The International Association Of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms

As intelligent human beings, with reason and conscience, it's logical that a global deal is promptly reached, via the United Nations, to ban, abolish and rid the would of nuclear weapons for  ever. They're already illegal, so what could be easier?  We can fruitfully recall the wisdom of the Danish fairy tale of a small boy who spontaneously commented that the Emperor had no clothes, whereas, the town's adults chose to perpetuate the lie that he had clothes that only the intelligent could see.  Are we, as adults, pretending that nuclear weapons are good and honourable, just to appear intelligent. We clearly know that they're already illegal, put all human life in extreme jeopardy and could even cause the extinction of the human species and most forms of life.


C.    Turning the tide on nuclear weapons 

This is an easy job. Banning nuclear weapons is easier than was the widespread banning of DDT insecticide that concluded  in 2004 . It's where billions of dumbed-down, intended potential recipients of unspeakable horrors, only need to realise that less than a dozen super-power presidents are used by the nuclear arms industry to be puppets to keep their shocking industry alive. Why don't all of these presidents confirm that they will never, under any circumstances, press their evil brief case buttons? If every literate adult wrote a letter to the editor of their local newspaper, once a week, on why nuclear weapons should be immediately abolished for ever, then the effect of this alone might make politicians realize their past mistake and instead, happily ban them, via a robust  UN Process.

Here is a temporary sticking point, however, where the State, known as Israel, is believed, by many, to have nuclear weapons but will not, seemingly, openly say yes or no. This should be easy to overcome, as the people of Israel are precious human beings who deserve to be safe, like everyone else. The UN Charter simply sets out how nations must behave for international harmony to prevail.  Kindly please see the author's,   for UN Charter charts and information.

It's time that the UN Charter was put at the centre of every school, college and university's studies. It's humankind's greatest achievement. Slight modifications are necessary as humanity advances.

Education, in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, expects the UN Charter to be the foundation of all education.  ..... Article 26 is for the maintenance of peace instead of false expectations of it from nuclear weapons horror.


D.   The 3D Logo Of CNDNZ


E.   The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and 

it's president    Dr. David Krieger 

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Below   Murray Richard Tingey beside a full size representation of a W87 re-entry vehicle that's now fitted

to the land based USA Minuteman ballistic missile for reaching any spot on earth in 30 minutes

 with a nuclear blast twenty times that of Hiroshima's. The red, second stage "H" bomb,

is a mere 20cm in diameter. We're focused on removing, for ever, this

and all  nuclear weapons that are illegal anyway.