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6. Quote from articles in 4  and 5 above. 

Heike Grossmann, spokeswoman for the mayor of Dresden, stressed the close relations between Britain and Germany now.

“The inscription is a further gesture of reconciliation between Britain and Germany,”       Grossmann said.


Targeting civilians is a Geneva Conventions war crime

1.  A sole objective to target and kill civilians, such as the aerial  bombing of  Dresden in WW2, the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan, or the attack on Sarjevo, in the Bosnian war, by Serb hill-top field guns, is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. However, USA claimed that home based metal working factories were found in the ruins of Nagasaki's "A" bomb blast, as if to justify the dominant civilian casualty objective. This is no excuse.

2. Likewise, currently deployed nuclear weapons are dominantly targeted at large cities and undeniably a potential war crime. We must speak up and condemn this fully prepared, potential, criminal behavior of the nuclear weapons nations. It's clear and shocking.

3. The Green Park, London, 2012 monument to Bomber Command pilots, who relentlessly bombed civilian areas of German cities in WW2, could only honour them as victims of a criminal operation together with the victims on the ground. This is proved by the way relatives of the Dresden bombing victims attended the opening of the monument. There is an inscription on the north side to them as follows:-

This memorial also commemorates those of all nations who lost their lives in the bombing 1939 -1945

4. A representative of the Mayor of Dresden, Heike Grossmann, spoke at the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial. Her quote is in  4 and 5 above and below.

"The inscription is a further gesture of reconciliation between Britain and Germany." Heike Grossmann, Mayor of Dresden's spokeswoman.

5. The memorial is a reminder of the futility of war where it took until 2012 for such words to be spoken about the recognition of terrible German civilian casualties. These were caused by the illegal targeting of civilians known as area bombing or carpet bombing. With these facts to the fore, the abolition of nuclear weapons is child's play.

Carpet Bombing  .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpet_bombing                                          Area Bombing  .....   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_bombardment

6. The inscription strongly underscores the principle of  distinction and the illegality of targeting civilians. The 1949 Geneva Conventions and additional protocols are even more specific and thorough. These also prohibit the targeting of civilian infrastructure and causing high civilian casualties in the process of attacking military targets. It also shows how indiscriminate attacks, which don't take into account the civilian population, are also illegal.

Most of all, the inscription to all nationalities, fully backs the illegality of nuclear weapons, which are always indiscriminate.

Why then do we still have them? It's up to you.




The end could begin with a missile launched by accident.

And then the response would be deliberate, as would be

the counter-response, and on and on until we were all 


Or, it could be deliberate from the outset, an act

of madness by a suicidal leader, setting the end in motion.

First, the blasts and mushroom clouds.  Then the fires

and burning cities and the winds driving the fires, turning

humans into projectiles, and all of it mixed with deadly

radiation.  Finally, for the last act, the soot from destroyed

cities rising into the upper stratosphere, blocking the sunlight

and the temperatures falling into a frozen Ice Age, followed

by mass starvation.

If any humans were left to name it, they might call it

“Global Hiroshima”, but none would be left.

It would be ugly for a while, eerily still and silent

for some stretch of time, but no one would be there

to observe. Still, the Earth would go on rotating

around the sun and the universe would go on expanding.

Only we humans would be off the not-so-merry-go-round. 


David Krieger 

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation


March 2015